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Trade Shows and Events – Promoting your brand.

Trade shows and events are a great way to promote your product or service to your target market. Presenting your company with a clean and professional look is very important for your possible clients to remember your company as and perceive your brand as something they would like to align with. Here are a few options for promoting yourself.

Pop-up canopy tent trade shows

Pop-Up Canopy Tents

A custom canopy tent is a great way to create your own space as well as have your branding seen above head height for people attending the event. Canopy tents give your booth a professional look and give a chance to brand yourself with company colours, logos and tell people what you do, they also give you shelter from the elements if your event is outdoors.

Our Pop-Up Canopy Tents are provided from LP Tent which is the highest quality aluminum frames in the industry and are heavy duty enough to be used in 100km winds!

Table Covers

A branded table cover is a must at any trade show or event. Usually at a trade show you are provided with a standard 6′ table to display your product or have catalogues or giveaways for people walking by. Like the printing on the tents, a table cover is a great way to brand with company colours, logos and tell people what you do.

Table Cover Trade Shows

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are excellent for displaying high quality images of your product, service or to create brand imaging or atmosphere. Eye catching photos, design and tag lines can catch the attention of the people walking by.

Custom Printed Apparel

Now, you have branded your tent, table cover and banners its time to brand your staff. When the people at the event talk to your staff they should feel like they are interacting with your brand. Also, while your staff is walking around the event area as they do things like get lunch, use the restrooms or stop by the pub outside the convention centre, attendees will see your branding if they have not came across your booth yet.

Trade Shows Custom Apparel

Promotional Give Aways

Don’t forget something for people to take away with them and come across your branding after the show as an additional touchpoint. Branded pens, cups and even things like hats and bags that your possible clients can use in the future and be constantly reminded of your brand.